Is Painful Sex Ever Normal?

Many women — a surprising 75% — experience pain during intercourse for many reasons and at different phases in their lives. 

But simply seeking treatment usually ends the problem.

Dr. Peter Khamvongsa at the Miami Institute of Urogynecology and Minimally Invasive Surgery can help if your intimate relationships have been marred by painful intercourse. and are dedicated to finding its root cause. 

As a sexual health expert, Dr. Khamvongsa has years of experience in treating diverse issues, from painful sex to assessing birth control options and addressing concerns for members of the LGBTQ community. 

Very importantly, Dr. Khamvongsa is also caring and easy to talk to (in English, French, or Spanish!), both critical qualities for a doctor that you can trust.  

Vaginal dryness is frequently behind painful intercourse

You can suffer from vaginal dryness at any time in your life, but menopausal and post-menopausal women are affected the most, due to the dip in estrogen that occurs. 

Sometimes the solution is as simple as using a topical lubricant before sex, but other factors can contribute to dryness as well: 

Multiple gynecological conditions are linked to painful sex

If you’re suffering from pain during sex, it could also be linked to a gynecological issue:

Dr. Khamvongsa has experience diagnosing and creating treatment plans for many patients with these conditions, but you can rest assured that your treatment plan is designed solely for you.

Treatment for conditions linked to painful sex are varied

Fortunately, Dr. Khamvongsa has an extensive arsenal of treatments he can use to address whatever condition is causing you to experience pain and discomfort during sex. Depending on your condition, he may recommend:

The bottom line about painful sex

The fact is that even though many women experience pain during sex, it shouldn’t happen. If it does, it indicates a problem that you should take straight to Dr. Khamvongsa. Call the office at 786-220-8664 to schedule a consultation, or book one through our website

Know that when you come for an office visit, we take every COVID-19 safety precaution, including screening you before you enter the office. Especially now, your health is our top concern.

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