What You Should Know About da Vinci Robotic Surgery

Surgery doesn’t have to be the painful, invasive, and life-altering event that it once was. 

Stunning advances in minimally invasive surgical techniques allow surgeons to make very small incisions, which means shorter hospital stays and easier recoveries.

In the world of women’s surgery, Dr. Peter Khamvongsa and the team here at the Miami Institute of Urogynecology and Minimally Invasive Surgery rely on these innovations to reduce your stress and recovery time.

Introducing the da Vinci surgical system

Dr. Khamvongsa uses a tool that sounds futuristic — the da Vinci robotic surgical system — to perform minimally invasive surgery. 

The da Vinci system allows Dr. Khamvongsa to perform many procedures with more efficiency and exactness, using tiny incisions. It’s quite different from the “old school,” scalpel-assisted open surgical techniques.

Check out our videos about this sophisticated modality.

The advantages of minimally invasive surgery

The rise of minimally invasive surgery has been a game-changer for patients, and for physicians, too. Surgery that’s less traumatic to the body overall also:

All of these benefits mean that you return to normal life and your favorite activities ASAP after surgery. 

What makes da Vinci robotic surgery different?

Dr. Khamvongsa’s personal experience of using the da Vinci surgical system has made him a true believer. It consists of a pair of robotic arms, a control console, and a highly sensitive magnifying camera, and its advantages are impressive.

The da Vinci system gives Dr. Khamvongsa a 3-D, magnified view of the surgical site, and its robotic arms become an extension of his hands. During surgery, he guides the da Vinci arms, which read and follow his movements.

During robotic surgery, Dr. Khamvongsa makes repairs using a degree of precision and a range of motion that humans alone — no matter what their skill level — simply can’t match. 

This marriage of human ability and technical sophistication ensures a successful procedure. 

Da Vinci robotic surgery is especially suited for the urogynecological procedures that Dr. Khamvongsa does frequently. 

It’s simple, really. When your surgeon is equipped with the best tools for the job, your surgical outcome and recovery are superior.

Find out if da Vinci robotic surgery is right for you

Meet with Dr. Khamvongsa to see if da Vinci robotic surgery is the right option for you. Call our office at 786-220-8664 or take advantage of our convenient online booking tool

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