Obstetrics Specialist

Peter A Khamvongsa, FACOG, FACS, IF -  - Double Board Certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology

Peter A Khamvongsa, FACOG, FACS, IF

Double Boarded in Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Urogynecology in Miami, FL

Preparing to welcome a child into the world is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful. Expectant mothers in Miami can rely on the care of Peter Khamvongsa, MD, FACOG, FACS, IF, a skilled obstetrician at The Miami Institute of Urogynecology and Minimally Invasive Surgery. If you’re looking for a specialist to guide you as you move through the phases of your pregnancy, schedule an appointment with Dr. Khamvongsa to learn more about his approach to obstetrics care. You can call or use the online booking tool at your convenience.

Obstetrics Q & A

Why is obstetrics care so important?

Prenatal or obstetrics care is a critical part of a healthy pregnancy for both you and your baby. These appointments allow Dr. Khamvongsa to monitor your progress and ensure your baby is developing healthily. 

Prenatal care also includes access to necessary screenings. Some tests look for genetic abnormalities, developmental issues, and a wide range of congenital disabilities. Obstetrics screenings also focus on your health, checking for gestational diabetes, and many potential complications. 

At The Miami Institute of Urogynecology and Minimally Invasive Surgery, you have access to on-site ultrasounds that can create images of your developing child. This technology also helps Dr. Khamvongsa to diagnose various conditions. 

What if I have a high-risk pregnancy?

Many things can cause your pregnancy to be designated as high risk. Mothers over the age of 35, certain medical conditions like autoimmune disease or diabetes, having twins or other multiples, or even a history of miscarriage can lead to a high-risk pregnancy. 

It’s important to understand that having a high-risk pregnancy means you need a bit more monitoring. You need to come in for more frequent prenatal care appointments, and you may need to take additional precautions during your pregnancy. 

Dr. Khamvongsa has extensive experience managing high-risk pregnancies. He not only has the skills needed to preserve health for you and your baby, but he also understands the stress a high-risk pregnancy brings and works with expectant mothers to ease their minds.   

What can I do to have a healthy pregnancy?

The most important thing you can do to ensure a healthy pregnancy is to schedule obstetrics appointments and to follow the advice Dr. Khamvongsa offers during your prenatal appointments. Every pregnancy is unique, even for women who’ve already had one or more children.

Your diet is another essential part of a healthy pregnancy. While changing tastebuds can make proper diet challenging, the food you choose to eat fuels your body and delivers vital nutrients to your developing child.

Prenatal vitamins are also a great way to get the vitamins and minerals you need during pregnancy. A good prenatal vitamin can help fill specific nutritional gaps you might have as you prepare for motherhood. 

To learn more about how Dr. Khamvongsa at The Miami Institute of Urogynecology and Minimally Invasive Surgery approaches obstetrics care, call the office or schedule a visit using the online booking tool today.


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