What Conditions Can a Urogynecologist Treat?

Urogynecology is a specialty that you might not have heard of, but the issues that this type of physician treats are surprisingly common. Urogynecologists provide a unique but vital combination of expertise in urology, gynecology, and obstetrics care. 

Dr. Peter Khamvongsa is the premier urogynecologist in Miami and its surrounding communities. Skilled urogynecologists are rare, and we’re fortunate to have him here.

Dr. Khamvongsa has been caring for women with the most advanced urogynecology treatments and a rare degree of compassion. He’s experienced and adept at performing many types of urogynecological surgery.

What issues does a urogynecologist treat?

A urogynecologist often treats women with conditions like urinary and fecal incontinence, uterine fibroids, and conditions that affect the pelvic floor. 

The pelvic floor is the foundation of connective tissue, muscles, and ligaments that stabilize your internal organs (including your bowel, vagina, uterus, and bladder). 

Dr. Khamvongsa sees women with a wide range of issues, including: 

In addition to health problems that are related to gynecological or urological issues, urogynecologists also offer prenatal care and counseling. 

Urogynecological issues can affect your quality of life

Whether it’s the result of childbirth, injury, or another condition, a urogynecological problem can cause serious pain and discomfort. 

These issues can also limit your activity level and affect your self-confidence, because they often cause urine or fecal leakage or problems with your menstrual cycle. 

Urogynecological conditions can also drive a wedge between you and your partner when it comes to intimacy.

Advanced, minimally invasive surgical options 

Dr. Khamvongsa is a passionate proponent of using robotic and minimally invasive surgery to treat urogynecological problems. This type of surgery doesn’t take as long as traditional surgery and requires only small incisions. 

Some of the benefits are:

Robotic surgery

Robotic surgery allows Dr. Khamvongsa to perform complicated procedures with greater precision and accuracy than traditional methods. 

In many surgeries, Dr. Khamvongsa employs the state-of-the-art da VinciⓇ robotic surgical platform. It features components like surgeon-controlled “arms” that can move in ways superior to human hands, as well as 3D, high-definition images of the surgical site. 

To get an idea of what this involves, watch the short robotic surgery videos on our website. This system allows Dr. Khamvongsa to maneuver with a superior range of motion.

Laparoscopic surgery

Another type of minimally invasive surgery that Dr. Khamvongsa excels at is laparoscopic surgery. The laparoscope device consists of a thin tube with a high-powered fiber optic light and a miniature camera. Dr. Khamvongsa can see enlarged images of the internal surgical site on a screen, which prevents the need for large incisions. 

Get relief with these urogynecological procedures

Dr. Khamvongsa performs a wide range of minimally invasive surgical procedures to bring you relief:

Dr. Khamvongsa implements a post-surgical recovery protocol that has been proven to optimize your chances for a comfortable, speedy, and safe recovery, known as Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, or ERAS

We can help you with all your urogynecological needs

To learn more about our extensive list of services that only a urogynecologist can provide, schedule an appointment by calling us at 786-220-8664 or booking online.

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